Shane Pieper e-Learning


  • e-Learning consulting: determine if e-Learning is fit for your purpose or as part of a blended solution
  • work with subject matter experts to determine goals, content, and how to get the learning effective
  • determine effective measures and evaluation of success
  • design and build of courseware in appropriate software to suit your LMS requirements
  • available to make updates to your existing Captivate and Articulate based courseware source files
  • assessment strategies integrated with courseware or as stand alone pieces sending data to LMS
  • conversion of existing paper based or PowerPoint based material to online delivery (opportunity to add value by strategic use of interactive elements to make material more engaging
  • available to provide workshops to train users of Captivate and Articulate including use of scripts and Advanced Actions. These features of Captivate V5 open a new world of options for the on-screen experience.