Shane Pieper e-Learning

why e-learning?

For a decade or more I fronted training rooms doing face to face delivery ranging from Train the Trainer to IT applications, typically with about six to twelve participants.  Lovely to see all the smiley faces, but it will take a long time for everyone to get to attend. And that's true no matter how well received the courses are. 

Working for the Global Learning section of Australia's leading super regional bank (you know the one!) I quickly learned that there were literally thousands of learners, spread all around the world, who needed to learn this, that and the other thing! 

In 2007 I came across Captivate V 3.0, a revelation (can a revelation be that full of bugs?).

Suddenly I could show learners a new computer system and the processes they need to perform with it in a realistic, engaging simulation where they could perform the actual steps they will do in the real task.At the same time, in the case of a system that customers will also use, demonstrations to show off the functionality were shown at kiosks for promotional events.

With time poverty afflicting us all, what will be needed will be learning that is available to us when we want, on our terms, in bite sized and mobile form, on the device of our choice  e-learning that is clever and engaging has the potential to fill that need. And note that the gen after gen Y (do they have a sign hung on them yet? Take it down!) will be born with an i-Phone, android device or ipad in their hand. Fewer will be willing to sit down at the awful formality of a 'computer keyboard', so last century. Now is the time to consider how to bring personalised, interactive learning down to the individual wherever they choose to consume it.